Putting Your Money in Product Backed Projects

Phase-1 continue

  • Value of Token
25 Min $
  • 0.05 $

Why You Choose MLC is worth buying today?

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  • Tokenomics

    Phase Supply
    Phase-1 25 Million Token @ 0.05
    Phase-2 25 Million Token @ 0.1
    Phase-3 50 Million Token @ $0.2
    Phase-4 50 Million Token @ $0.4
    Phase-5 50 Million Token @ $0.8
    40 Million Token Will be locked till 2026

    Introducing MLC TOKEN

    True wealth in the world of virtual currencies

    Who We Are

    Mlc Token Is A Smart Token Powered By The Community For The Community. It Is The Most Trusted And Leading Cryptocurrency Platform Based On The Binance Smart Chain (Bep-20) For Metaverse.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • 3D Modeling and reconstructions
  • Spatial and Edge Computing
  • Blockchain
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    Our Vision

    Our vision is to become the world’s leading Metaverse token through the extensive use of the game development experience, outstanding blockchain technology expertise and passion through our highly- driven talents and technology experts. The visionary creator of MLC Token have aimed for the platform to be identified as one of the most popular mediums of decentralized transactions, where the MLC Token community can go neck to neck with pre-eminent ones. We strongly believe in that future where what happens in reality is replicated in the Metaverse.

    Our Mission

    The mission of MLC Token is to create a new way to experience to the world and interact with the people whereas landscape is unique because it is the virtual replica of the reality. We aim to provide unique economic opportunities, entertainment and other positive aspects to our community by empowering creators, players and investors with the long-term partnership.


    Our Roadmap



  • MarPlanning for Token
  • MaySocial Media Account Created
  • Jul Market research
  • Sep Coin Development
  • Nov Website Development
  • 2023


  • Jan Website created for Token & Crowdfunding
  • MarMint all Batch of Token
  • MarCommunity Buildup with Crowdfunding for token
  • Mar Launch website for crowdfunding in initial phase
  • Sep Launch plan in full phase
  • 2024


  • Jan Initial whitepaper written
  • MarMLC Token Burned (80% of total supply)
  • AprMLC Token Launch @0.05$
  • Apr Sell Token in 5 phase Start
  • Dec Meme & Sticker contest
  • 2025


  • MayList on Bsc scan, PancakeSwap
  • JulList on Coin Market Cap
  • Jul List on trust wallet
  • Oct Web3 Integration
  • 2026


  • JanGaming platform for usecase
  • MarFirst Cex listing
  • Apr List on Multiple Exchange
  • Jul Cross Blockchain transaction
  • Sep Secure Dapp wallet
  • Our Incentive

    Phase-1 Incentive (100%)

    Name Incentive
    Level Income 40%
    Monthly Reward 10%
    Royalty Income 10%
    Foreign Tour 20%
    T.W.Bonus 10%
    Old User Token 10%

    Phase-2 Incentive (200%)

    Name Incentive Incentive
    Level Income 20% 20%
    Monthly Reward 10% 10%
    Royalty Income 5% 5%
    Tour & Trawels 10% 10%
    T.W.Bonus 10% 10%
    Old User Token 90%